Course Conditions


The state of Colorado is in a drought in many areas and the fire danger is high. There a number of wildfires in our state, but NONE of them currently interfere with the Triple Bypass course.

For up to date wildfire information, please go to

Air quality 

Triple Bypass staff will contact all riders if there is a threat that will affect the ride, but in the meantime, please refer to the government websites for your questions.

The wildfires are located in ares outside of our ride, and we have had some rain in the past few days, so we are looking for great weather and a successful, safe ride. State agencies will contact us if there is a threat and we will let the riders know as soon as possible thereafter. 

Jefferson, Clear Creek, Summit and Eagle Counties have all issued Stage 2 Fire Bans.  The only allowable fires are gas camp stoves with propane bottles. No open flame, no charcoal grills.  If you are planning to tailgate at Loveland Valley while waiting for your participating rider(s), please keep these restrictions in mind.  Also, we would appreciate no smoking during the event, and keep your butts in the car!

For piece of mind, you may purchase event registration protection.   We do not offer refunds, so please consider this option.

Costs starting at $17



The weather has the potential to be variable, and possibly severe at times.  The weather can change from warm and sunny to extremely cold in a matter of minutes.  Please be prepared for all weather conditions.  This could include freezing rain, hail, sky to ground lightening strikes, and even excessive heat.  Be prepared with extra clothing.  A rain jacket, arm and leg warmers are recommended.  Rain gear is also strongly suggested.  Cyclists should also carry sunscreen, lip balm, gloves, and consider shoe covers. 

It will be at the discretion of the Race Director and law enforcement to determine if the weather is too severe to continue at any point, before or during the event.  A contingency plan has been put into place incase of inclement or severe weather. Please always follow the directions of the volunteers and authorities in the case of severe weather.


Also consider downloading the Code Red App for up to the minute updates on weather conditions.