Triple gran fondo

HURT SO GOOD. The Triple gran fondo.

We are very proud, along with our sister ride, the Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb, to be part of the Gran Fondo National Series.  Sunday Triple riders will receive a timing chip to keep track of your progress throughout the course. There is no start to finish time as in traditional racing formats, but rather only time sections count toward a rider’s competition time.  You can relax for the rest of the ride when you are not on a timed segment, or ride to your ability throughout.  It’s you against the clock.  Double Triple riders will also receive timing chips and be included in the Sunday Fondo. 

The Course

The Triple Gran Fondo is what climbing dreams are made of.  Leaving from Avon Colorado, timed segments are on the uphill portions of the passes of the Triple – Vail, Loveland and Squaw. 

Timing will begin right before the pass begins and will be clearly indicated along the route. No need to race down, uphills only count.  The full course is 120 miles from Avon to Evergreen.


#1 Vail Pass Timed Segment

#2 Loveland Pass Timed Segment

#3 Juniper Pass Timed Segment

The goodies

We offer closed roads and trails for most of the Triple Bypass.  All of our ride has Colorado State Patrol escorts and limited vehicular access.

There will be 5 aid stations along the course to rest and recover before hitting it hard on the next climb. We have great food, bevies and a finish party to help you celebrate your accomplishment.  All Fondo riders receive a complimentary jersey, full support, finish meal and beer, timing, the admiration of your peers.



This is not a start-to-finish race. Your overall time from start to finish does not matter for this competition. Only the timed segments count. Your overall and gender rankings are determined by  your KOM/QOM standings for each pass as well as the combined time for all timed segments.  Awards?  Yes, there will be awards. 

Segment #1 Vail Pass  8.7 miles · +1,919 ft / 79 ft

Segment #2 Loveland Pass  7.7 miles · +2,390 ft / -6 ft

Segment #3 Juniper Pass  10.7 miles · +2,710 ft / 71 ft

About the Gran Fondo National Series

A Gran Fondo is a cycling challenge that takes bicycle racing to the next level. Part personal challenge, part serious competition, the Gran Fondo National Series courses lead riders through country roads with challenging climbs and incredible scenery.  Courses are offered in lengths of ~30, ~60, and ~100 miles so participants can take part in a distance that matches their goals and ability.  Each rider is assigned an electronic timing-chip to keep track of their progress throughout the course and to allow riders to compete for best time through highlighted sections of the course. There is no start to finish time as in traditional racing formats, but rather only time sections count toward a rider’s competition time.  This means you can take your time between race sections, stop at the aid stations, and regroup to enjoy the ride with your friend and teammates. At the finish a hot meal and beverage awaits you, as well as finisher medals for the gran route finishers.  Whether riding for a cause, a personal goal, or for competition, the Gran Fondo National Series courses are some of the most beautiful courses in the North America.

and…the rules

You must wear a bicycle helmet that has approved safety rating

You must never cross the center line, if you do you will be disqualified and asked to leave the course

You must stay to the right-hand side of the lane at all times unless passing

You must have a device to carry water with you while riding

To be eligible for competition, and to receive your time splits, you must enter and exit timed sections during the posted times. All timed sections are open for specific durations; you must enter and exit each timed section during the specified scheduled time each section is open. This is figured on an average progression speed between 22 mph and 10 mph (note: this is not average ride speed, this is average progression speed and includes all stopped time, i.e total time)

Riders may use any standard bicycle that has two wheels no motor and is not considered a recumbent. Standard road bikes, TT bikes, and mountain bikes are allowed.

No recumbent bicycles allowed; this is a competitive event, and like all sports, restrictions must be made to provide a level and fair competition.

All bicycles must have working brakes


A word before you register

We do not offer transfers to other individuals, so please consider buying the optional rider insurance to protect your entry fee if you cannot attend.  Registrations sold online from sites such as Craigslist are not valid. 


We provide event cancellation insurance, so fire, environmental disaster or acts of terrorism are covered (see coverages during registration ).  However, this does not cover change of plans, lack of training, injuries, sickness, etc.  We have made rider cancellation coverage available for these instances and you have the option to purchase during the registration process.  Please consider purchasing additional rider insurance as there are no refunds, no transfers.