What do I get?  ASIDE from a killer ride to write home about,  A lot.

Your ride includes:

Including a legendary cycling challenge and bragging rights for a lifetime, you’ll receive:  

  • The coveted Triple Bypass jersey – unique to each distance
  • 4 aid stations and a light lunch at Loveland ski area
  • Closed roads and trails – or if not closed, limited to vehicular traffic
  • Free beer from Colorado Native and McDevitt Taco Supply at the finish
  • All support, including SAGs to the next aid, medical, and adoring fans

We do not offer transfers to other individuals, so please consider buying the optional rider insurance to protect your entry fee if you cannot attend.  Registrations sold online from sites such as Craigslist are not valid.

 options, so many options:


120 MILES FROM Evergreen TO AVON

for those who dare

The classic Triple is a bucket-list event across the nation, and for good reason.  Leaving from Evergreen, CO, we travel over 3 mountain passes and 10,000′ of climbing on mountain roads and paths with limited vehicular traffic.  Pure gorgeous.  




Leaving from from Georgetown, you’ll head over Loveland and Vail Passes for a challenging 75 mile ride into Avon.  Not quite ready for the full Triple?  This one is for you. It’s still not easy, trust us. 


40 MILES FROM breckenridge TO AVON


Take on a single pass from Breck to Avon.  Enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of the Triple, leaving from Summit High School.  Meet your 120 or 75 mile friends and ride together to the finish on a fun and rewarding ride over Vail Pass.  One and done!

 THE double triple bypass

240 miles over 2 days

you animal

Back for 2020, we are offering the full Double Triple over two days.  Saturday – head west to Avon, Sunday – turn around and ride back to Evergreen.  Sunday Fondo timing is included for all Double riders.  Who needs a car to get you back to get you back to the start when you have a will to conquer it all?  Includes exclusive Double Triple wind vest and the astonishment of your peers. 

THE SUNDAY triple bypass

120 MILES – Avon to Evergreen

beat the clock

As if the Triple Bypass wasn’t spunky enough, we are offering Fondo style timing offered for all participants.  We’ll have the uphill portions of the three passes on the clock, so make those hills your own.  Prizes for KOM and QOM and lowest cumulative time.  Pow!


We provide event cancellation insurance, so fire, environmental disaster or acts of terrorism are covered (see coverages during registration ).  However, this does not cover change of plans, lack of training, injuries, sickness, etc.  We have made rider cancellation coverage available for these instances and you have the option to purchase during the registration process.  Please consider purchasing additional rider insurance as there are no refunds, no transfers.