Rider Numbers


Change is good.  For those of you that have been wondering about the new rider plates, we are using a tried and true system of a front plate.  This will easily allow us to identify you by your number and track your progress.  Check out the plate in action.  It has been used for years at events such as the Dirty Kanza or Giro d’Italia Gran Fondo. 

From the RIDE GUIDE:

BIKE NUMBERS. Riders must place their bike number on the handlebars, below the crossbar (see below).  Using the twist ties included in your envelope attach the number in 3 places, wrapping the twist ties securely so the numbers don’t fall off.  If you do not have 3 twist ties we will have a limited number of extras at the start.  The numbers are important because they must be attached or you will not be allowed to ride.  The Colorado State Patrol, and several volunteers will be checking all cyclists at the start to ensure they have a rider number before proceeding.  The numbers contain a tracking chip.  The chips are only to help us determine when and who crosses identification mats at the start, mid-point, and finish. However, the tracking information is for internal purposes only.  The Triple Bypass is a Ride not a Race, so no timing information will be provided.  To ensure your safety, if you choose to leave the ride before the finish in Avon, please call the dispatch number:  720.609.4119 and let us know you have abandoned.  You may also text this number with your rider number and reason for ending your ride.