Make it easy on yourself. Book a shuttle back from the finish to the start with you, your bike and your accomplishment. You have options:


Beaver Creek is  providing shuttles from the Resort to the Start in Evergreen, Saturday, July 14, for everyone that books one or more nights at a BCR Property during the Triple Bypass. The shuttles will take your from your hotel through the Avon Finish and to Evergreen, leaving at approximately 4:00 am. They are also providing Saturday evening and Sunday morning shuttles.  Please ask about the shuttles when making your reservation.   You must be booked at a BC Property to take advantage of the free shuttles.


Pro Bike Express welcomes you to use our service to transport your bicycle and/or gear between the start and finish lines on the day of the event. They are an independent contractor working separately from Team Evergreen and the Triple Bypass to provide this service.

If you used their service in 2017, please reach out at for your credit from last year.  Space and time is limited on 2017 credits.

CME Shuttle

Arrive back to the start parking lots at Copper Mountain, Georgetown or Evergreen after the ride. Your bag will ride with you in the shuttle and your bike will follow you in a truck all snuggled up in a soft blanket.