On Course


 Make it easy on yourself. Book a shuttle back from the finish to the start with you, your bike and your accomplishment.

Pro Bike Express

Pro Bike Express welcomes you to use our service to transport your bicycle and/or gear between the start and finish lines on the day of the event. They are an independent contractor working separately from Team Evergreen and the Triple Bypass to provide this service.

Book your ride on their website at http://www.planetreg.com/E1318305527431 

If you used their service in 2017, please reach out at reservations@probikeexpress.com for your credit from last year.  Space and time is limited on 2017 credits.

Start & Cut-Off Times

Generally, the start-time is between 5:00 – 7:30am. If you choose to leave earlier, aid will not be available until 6am. Be aware that an early start may help to avoid any late day rain that Colorado is notorious. All riders must start by 8:00am. All riders must be OFF the course by 8:00pm.

Food and Fuel

We will have plenty of variety on course from chips and pretzels to fresh fruit, cookies and delicious Clif Bar products. Hydration/sports drink and water will be provided at all stations and the additional treat of a light lunch at the Loveland Aid Station.  Always carry additional water and energy snacks. 

Finish Line Feast After you complete your epic Colorado cycling experience, enjoy a scrumptious meal to refuel and replenish those hard-working legs. Meat lovers, vegetarians and gluten-free will all be happy as we have curated a menu from the legendary Footers Catering.

Additional meal tickets for your friends and family can be purchased on site for an additional $25.



Safety is our primary concern. The organizers insist that you adhere to the below information for your safety as well as other event participants. While we have tried to outline the necessary information for you to have a safe ride, please remember that cycling events can be dangerous. Be careful, your safety is your responsibility and you are riding at your own risk Safety violators will be removed from the current and future events.

  • Helmets are required at all times.
  • Please, No earphones!
  • No child carriers or children on your bike.
  • Expected and unexpected weather changes (cold, heat, wind, rain, hail and snow) can quickly occur, so be prepared with extra layers of clothing.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and location at all times. If calling for assistance please be as concise as possible (i.e., require support at mm 27 on Squaw Pass Rd. before the summit)
  • Ride single file and to the right at all times.
  • Stay to the right of the road or path and DO NOT CROSS the Center Line!!! Be alert and respectful to other riders and vehicles.
  • Control your speed on descents.
  • Use your brakes sparingly and evenly on descents, rims can heat up from brake pad friction. Watch for overheating brakes.
  • Watch for bumpy road conditions and gravel.
  • Be aware of vehicular traffic. Obey all traffic laws, even on closed roads. Reduced speed zones will be signed and in effect.
  • Carry extra tubes, CO2 canisters, a pump, patch kit etc. to be prepared for mechanical issues.
  • Carry extra water and drink before you’re thirsty. Drink water before the ride and drink frequently during the ride. Plan for at least two bottles per hour.
  • Carry extra energy food, etc. especially if starting earlier as the rest stops might not be open. Eat before you’re hungry. Eat often during your ride, and small portions keep the fuel supply up.

Medical Insurance Please check your medical insurance coverage. Medical transportation from the course is mandatory to a medical facility and can easily exceed typical insurance coverage. Please carry personal identification and medical card with you. Our medical personnel may need this important information if you need to be transported to a medical facility.