With your Triple Bypass registration fee, you'll be treated to the one of the best-supported cycling event you've ever experienced. Over 700 volunteers work hard to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

The ride is fully supported and assisted by local and state law enforcement, ambulance services, and many non-profit organizations. The ride forges through four counties and the local law enforcement assists Colorado State Patrol providing safety along the way.

Packet Pickup - Your packet (with ride jersey) will be available the week of June 26th through Wednesday, July 12th.
Start Line packets will be available at the Evergreen Start in Buchanan Park on Saturday starting at 5:00am and on Sunday in Nottingham Park starting at 5:00am. Start Line packets will also be available at Bicycle Outfitters in Evergreen on Friday July 7th from 1:00pm to 7:00pm. If you selected the US mail option your packet will be mailed the week of June 19th, 2017.
All rider packets are now available at the bike shops listed below. Please refer to www.triplebypass.org/rider to enter the rider dashboard and remind yourself where you chose to pick up your packet. If you selected US mail and did NOT receive your rider numbers and jersey, please also refer to the rider dashboard to find the tracking number associated with your packet delivery.
All bike shops will retain possession of the unclaimed rider packets after ride day. If you cannot make it to the shop to pick up your packet and do the ride, the packet (with your jersey) will still be available at the pick-up locations until Wednesday, July 12th at noon.
If a packet is missing or cannot be found at the shop, please contact info@teamevergreen.org and plan to come to Evergreen Bicycle Outfitters on Friday, July 7th between 2 and 7pm. Please double check that the packet is not there before coming to Evergreen on Friday, as occasionally the packet is there, but inadvertently placed in the incorrect order.

If you registered after May 31, your packet will be available at Bicycle Outfitters in Evergreen on Friday, July 7th from 2-7pm. If you went to another location to pick up your packet, please get on the rider dashboard www.triplebypass.org/rider to check when you registered as it may be at Bicycle Outfitters beginning Friday.

Start Time - The Triple is a RIDE and not a Race, so we do not have an official start time. We ask the riders to start between 5:00am and 7:00am with the preferred time being 7:00am. The peak finish time is between 2:30 - 5:00pm. The finish line closes at 8:00pm.

Parking - Overnight parking in Evergreen is available at the parking lots, unless stated as "Drop Off Only". Overnight parking in Avon is at the Elk and Bear lot. Please see start and finish maps under the Route Tab.

Aid StationsTriple Bypass support includes 5 full aid stations, all supplied with a great selection of food and drink, plus 3 additional water stops at key locations. Also included is a lunch stop at Loveland Ski Area during the ride both days but don't fill up too much as we have a fantastic finish line feast provided by Footers Catering. Food, beer, massages, and a sponsor expo area will be at the finish areas in both Avon and Evergreen.

Mechanical support from a variety of local bike shops and sponsors (BikeSource, Wheatridge Cyclery, Jingi Cycles, Campus Cycles, Epic Mountain Gear and Bicycle Outfitters) are available to all riders at the aid stations. Please bring extra bike supplies as this is a remote location and parts and supplies for your bike may not be readily available.

Medical support There will be medical support at each aid station and will attend to minor first aid and medical issues. In the case of an emergency, please call 911. Please Note: Medical will not have aspirin, ibuprofen, and other over the counter medications. If you think you might need some medications along the route, please make sure you bring it with you.

SAG support SAG support vehicles will be available along the route. SAG vehicles are identified with green flag on the back window and a SAG windshield sticker. If you need SAG support for any reason please call 720-609-4119. The closest vehicle will be dispatched to you as soon as possible.

Triple Bypass Expo Get your complimentary beer and cruise the many booths and vendors at the Triple Expo. Massages will be available for $40/half hour (cash, check, Master Card or Visa accepted). Showers and towels are available at the Avon Recreation Center and the Evergreen Recreation Center for $5.

Gear Transport One small bag will be transported each day from the start.to the finish area. Look for the gear drop-off locations at the start. Please make sure your bag is labeled with your name, cell phone and rider number. Team Evergreen is not responsible for lost bags or bags that are not picked up. Please note: Except for Double riders that have an additional bag brought to Loveland, you will not be able to pick up anything along the route. Due to unpredictable weather, we suggest you carry your personal items at all times, especially rain gear!

Personal Support Vehicles Team Evergreen has new information regarding personal support vehicles. If you are being supported by a private vehicle during the ride it is very IMPORTANT that you read the information provided at www.triplebypass.org/support.
Team Evergreen has arranged several meeting points and directions to these points are provided in the information.

Triple Bypass Shuttle Bus and Bike Transportation

Pro Bike Express Looking for a ride back? Pro Bike Express is running shuttles Saturday after the ride. Registration for shuttle service from the Avon finish will begin February 1st. The price includes yourself and your bike, all handled by professionals.

Register for a Shuttle with Pro Bike Express

Shuttle options
  • Eastbound Saturday 4:00pm
  • Eastbound Saturday 5:00pm
  • Eastbound Saturday 6:00pm
  • Eastbound Saturday 7:00pm
  • Eastbound Saturday 8:00pm
  • Eastbound Saturday 9:00pm
  • Eastbound Sunday 9:00am
  • Westbound Sunday 7:00pm


Shuttle Bus to the Evergreen Start Line for Beaver Creek Resort Properties guests

Beaver Creek Resort Properties provides a complimentary shuttle to the start line in Evergreen (4:30am Saturday morning/10:00am Sunday morning) for Saturday riders and back to Avon (5:00pm and 7:00pm Sunday evening) for Sunday riders. A link to schedule your transportation will be sent when making your reservations.

You must have reservation at Beaver Creek Resort Properties to make a shuttle reservation. Here is the link to sign up for the lodging shuttle. Have a great ride!

Beaver Creek Resort Properties also provides a complimentary town shuttle at the Avon finish line to take you to the Elk Parking Lot and Beaver Creek Resort Properties accommodations on Saturday.

Food and Fuel

We will have plenty of variety on course from chips and pretzels to fresh fruit, cookies and delicious Clif Bar products. Hydration/sports drink and water will be provided at all stations and the additional treat of a light lunch at the Loveland Aid Station, provided by Biju’s Little Curry Shop and Special Olympics of Denver. Always carry additional water and energy snacks.

Finish Line Feast After you complete your epic Colorado cycling experience, enjoy a scrumptious meal to refuel and replenish those hard-working legs. Meat lovers, vegetarians and gluten-free will all be happy as we have curated a menu from the legendary Footers Catering.
Additional meal tickets for your friends and family can be purchased on site for an additional $25.

Start & Cut-Off Times: Generally, the start-time is between 5:00 - 7:30am. If you choose to leave earlier, aid will not be available until 6am. Be aware that an early start may help to avoid any late day rain that Colorado is notorious. All riders must start by 8:00am. All riders must be OFF the course by 8:00pm.

Saturday Aid Stations Hours of Operation:
Start Highway 74 and Squaw Road (5:00am 8:00am)
#1 - Juniper Pass (6:00am - 10:00am)
#2 - Georgetown Alvarado Road (7:30am - 11:00pm)
#3 - Loveland Valley (9:00am - 2:00pm)
#4 - Summit County High School (9:30am - 4:00pm)
#5 - Vail Pass (10:30am - 5:00pm)
Finish Avon Nottingham Park (12:00pm - 8:00pm)

Note: There will be mandatory cut-off times at the following locations:
Idaho Springs – 10:30. If you have not reached the Old Visitors Center by 10:30 you will be picked up and moved to the Georgetown Aid Station,
Loveland Aid Station – 2:00. If you have not left the Loveland Aid Station by 2:00 you will be picked up and moved to Summit High School.
These cut-off times reflect a 6:00 am start with an average speed of 8 mph. This requirement is for the safety of all riders, and all support personnel.

Sunday Aid Stations Hours of Operation:
Start Highway 6 and Nottingham Park (5:00am 7:00am) (join us for donuts and coffee from 5:30 – 6:00)
Bighorn Water Station* (6:30am 8:00am)
#1 - Vail Pass (6:00am - 9:30am)
#2 Keystone Ski Area (8:00am - 12:00pm)
A-Basin Water Station* (8:30am - 1:00pm)
#3 - Loveland Valley (9:00am - 2:00pm)
#4 Idaho Springs (10:00am - 4:00pm)
Hwy103 10MM - Water Station (Ponders Point)* (11:00am 5:30pm)
#5 Juniper Pass (11:00am - 6:00pm)
Finish Buchanan Park (12:00pm 8:00pm)
* Water only, no food

Note: There will be mandatory cut-off times at the following locations:
Loveland Ski area - 2:00. If you have not left the Loveland Aid Station by 2:00 you will be picked up and moved to the Clear Creek School District Aid Station. Clear Creek School District Aid Station – 5:00, If you have not left the CCSD Aid Station by 5:00 you will be picked up and taken to the Evergreen finish.
These cut-off times reflect a 6:00am start with an average speed of 8 mph. This requirement is for the safety of all riders and all support personnel. It also ensures that you will be able to join us at the finish for an exciting post ride meal provided by Footers Catering.

Safety is our primary concern. The organizers insist that you adhere to the below information for your safety as well as other event participants. While we have tried to outline the necessary information for you to have a safe ride, please remember that cycling events can be dangerous. Be careful, your safety is your responsibility and you are riding at your own risk Safety violators will be removed from the current and future events. (Please view our safety video below)

  • Helmets are required at all times.
  • Please, No earphones!
  • No child carriers or children on your bike.
  • Expected and unexpected weather changes (cold, heat, wind, rain, hail and snow) can quickly occur, so be prepared with extra layers of clothing.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and location at all times. If calling for assistance please be as concise as possible (i.e., require support at mm 27 on Squaw Pass Rd. before the summit)
  • Ride single file and to the right at all times.
  • Stay to the right of the road or path and DO NOT CROSS the Center Line!!! Be alert and respectful to other riders and vehicles.
  • Control your speed on descents.
  • Use your brakes sparingly and evenly on descents, rims can heat up from brake pad friction. Watch for overheating brakes.
  • Watch for bumpy road conditions and gravel.
  • Be aware of vehicular traffic. Obey all traffic laws, even on closed roads. Reduced speed zones will be signed and in effect.
  • Carry extra tubes, CO2 canisters, a pump, patch kit etc. to be prepared for mechanical issues.
  • Carry extra water and drink before you're thirsty. Drink water before the ride and drink frequently during the ride. Plan for at least two bottles per hour.
  • Carry extra energy food, etc. especially if starting earlier as the rest stops might not be open. Eat before you're hungry. Eat often during your ride, and small portions keep the fuel supply up.

Medical Insurance Please check your medical insurance coverage. Medical transportation from the course is mandatory to a medical facility and can easily exceed typical insurance coverage. Please carry personal identification and medical card with you. Our medical personnel may need this important information if you need to be transported to a medical facility.

Jersey Exchange Jersey doesn't fit? Check on the Triple Jersey Exchange Facebook page and see if someone out there has a perfect match.

Triple Bypass Photos Visit Sundance Images to see your ride photo(s). There will be a photo link on the Triple website as well on the Sundance Image page. Please be patient as it takes a few days for the images to be posted.

Merchandise Sharpen up your look and order additional Triple merchandise! Triple Bypass commemorative merchandise is available for purchase during registration and at our online store. Triple Bypass merchandise can be purchased during registration or before April 7th for late June delivery. Please note: additionally purchased merchandise will be shipped separately from your rider packet in late June if ordered by April 7th. If you decide you want to purchase this custom merchandise after 4/7/17 or after the event, it will be available for a limited time and shipped to you in late September for fall and winter riding pending availability. We have a variety of items available to show off your achievement. Check out our shop on the merchandise tab of the website.





Triple Bypass Preperation and Safety Video