JOIN US on August 21st, 2021

We are moving from July to August to give us precious time in hopes that COVID-19 will be managed by late summer.  We are a community of riders and want to host a community event, so we are moving from our July date to give every opportunity for the ride you’ve come to expect.  .


If you selected to defer your ride, you will receive a coupon code good for a 2021 or 2022 entry, but transferrable in 2021 only.   Check your email, we will be sending your code before the end of the year.

Did you know? WE are a non-profit

  All proceeds of the Triple Bypass are given back to local and national non-profits.   We have given over $3M to groups from the High School Cycling League to Bicycle Colorado. Riding the Triple really makes a difference.

Learn more about the dozens of community based non-profits we support.

We’ve come a long way, baby.


One July day in 1988, a group of avid cyclists decided that it would be fun and challenging to ride from Evergreen to Vail, Colorado. And so it was. Thirty-two years later and thousands of more friends beside them, the Triple Bypass is an epic bucket-list ride that has donated millions to charitable non-profits.



The Triple Bypass travels over 3 gorgeous mountain passes – Juniper, Loveland and Vail. You will ride with thousands of your friends, snack yourself silly with 5 aid stations and finish it all off with a catered feast and expo.