we tried.  we really did. 

Though Team Evergreen would love to host you on our epic ride through the Colorado Rockies, after careful consideration of how COVID restrictions will look in September, we decided we couldn’t give you the exceptional experience that we are known for.

And we need you to be safe.

So with that, we are officially postponing the Tripe Bypass to 2021. We don’t want you to have to ride wearing a mask, eliminate the finish party fun or prevent you from giving congratulatory high-fives to your fellow participants. COVID-19 has taken the air out of the balloon for large events in 2020. It’s a fact we can’t ignore.


Did you know? WE are a non-profit

  All proceeds of the Triple Bypass are given back to local and national non-profits.   We have given over $3M to groups from the High School Cycling League to Bicycle Colorado. Riding the Triple really makes a difference.

Learn more about the dozens of community based non-profits we support.


So we can’t all ride together – yet.  But let’s get outside and get moving and do a little Strava challenge.  We will be posting weekly a selection of rides (road, mountain and gravel) to get the juices flowing.  Ride what and when you want and at the end of the week we’ll been giving out call-outs for social peacocking and rad swag.

  1. Join the club on Strava
  2. Watch the social-sphere and email for updates 
  3. Practice suggested distancing, group size and ride, baby, ride
  4. If you’re on social, follow us on IG/FB/Twitter and tag your Team Evergreen ride with any or all of the following: #TeamEvergreen #RideWithUs #YouBelongHere #Strava

We’ve come a long way, baby.

32 epic years

One July day in 1988, a group of avid cyclists decided that it would be fun and challenging to ride from Evergreen to Vail, Colorado. And so it was. Thirty-two years later and thousands of more friends beside them, the Triple Bypass is an epic bucket-list ride that has donated millions to charitable non-profits.



The Triple Bypass travels over 3 gorgeous mountain passes – Juniper, Loveland and Vail. You will ride with thousands of your friends, snack yourself silly with 5 aid stations and finish it all off with a catered feast and expo.

For 2020: The Double Triple Bypass (both days – Evergreen-Avon-Evergreen) and Sunday Triple Eastbound. Fondo timing will be on the uphill portions of the passes on Sunday.