JULY 11-12, 2020



We understand this is an unprecedented time and appreciate your patience and support regarding the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The health and safety of our riders, volunteers and the generous people of the towns we visit are of primary concern.

As we are over 100 days from the event, we are cautiously hopeful and still intend to host the Triple Bypass in July. We are committed to communicating our decision regarding the continuance of the July event by the beginning of June, giving at least 5 weeks to accommodate a required change.  

We carry on our shoulders the severity of the situation and the effect the COVID-19 situation has on our riders, vendors and the non-profits to which we give all proceeds from this ride.  We appreciate your patience as we try to weather this storm.  We are grateful for the work of our medical community, and for the personal sacrifices that everyone is making in social distancing right now. We look forward to reuniting with you and the cycling community under happier circumstances later this year. Be safe and be well.

Did you know?

All proceeds of the Triple Bypass are given back to local and national non-profits?  We have given over $3M to date to groups from the High School Cycling League to local libraries. Riding the Triple makes a difference. Learn more about all the goodness.

The Triple Bypass

Saturday 7/11/20 – 120 MILES


Get on board for one of the most epic rides in the nation. Head west over Juniper, Loveland and Vail pass, finishing after 120 glorious miles and 10,000 vertical feet. You rock.

We also have shorter versions to suit any fancy:

Double Bypass – 75 miles from Georgetown to Avon

Single Bypass – 40 miles from Summit to Avon




240 miles over 2 days

EVERGREEN to avon and back again

For 2020 only! Beginning on Saturday, you’ll do the standard Evergreen to Avon Triple Bypass, wake up the next day on Sunday and head back to Evergreen. That’s 240 miles and 20,000′ of climbing. Also, if you’re feeling spicy, all passes uphill on Sunday are timed. Super. Hero.

All Double riders receive an exclusive wind vest, all the Triple goodies, cheering fans, a big bad medal and the undying love and admiration of your peers.


THE Triple Gran Fondo

Sunday 7/12/20 – 120 MILES


Psst. Eastbound is harder. Stay in Avon, wake up and get ready to rumble with a Fondo style Triple Bypass. All uphill passes are timed, though the race is only against yourself. There will be prizes for those with the fastest time, but everyone is a winner.  Part of the Gran Fondo National Series! DETAILS


New for 2020!


 Concierge service

You are busy.  We get it.  If you are coming in from out of town and want someone else to do the planning, consider our Concierge Service.  We have a great package to take all the worry out of traveling to ride the Triple.  All you need to do is ride your bike. 


Along with our standard tech jersey from Primal, we are also offering an upgrade to the Evo 2.0. A bit sleeker, a bit racier for you fasties.


Includes upgraded jersey, VIP parking, breakfast before the ride, free shipping and VIP Lounge at the finish. Go on, treat yourself.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

32 epic years

One July day in 1988, a group of avid cyclists decided that it would be fun and challenging to ride from Evergreen to Vail, Colorado. And so it was. Thirty-two years later and thousands of more friends beside them, the Triple Bypass is an epic bucket-list ride that has donated millions to charitable non-profits.



The Triple Bypass travels over 3 gorgeous mountain passes – Juniper, Loveland and Vail. You will ride with thousands of your friends, snack yourself silly with 5 aid stations and finish it all off with a catered feast and expo.

For 2020: The Double Triple Bypass (both days – Evergreen-Avon-Evergreen) and Sunday Triple Eastbound. Fondo timing will be on the uphill portions of the passes on Sunday.