2020 training plans with high road coaching

Give yourself the best chance to be ready for July 11-12th. Take the thinking out of your training and just pedal with the confidence knowing you are prepared!  Drop a plan into your cart during registration and know you have a method to your madness. Or, get on the gear page and pick up a plan now.  You’ll be happy you did.


TRIPLE Training Plan

Designed for people who can commit 4-7 hours per week or 8-12 hours per week. There will be a handful of longer rides planned on various weekends.

TRIPLE Training Plan + strength 

Designed for people who can commit 4-7 hours per week or 8-12 hours per week. There will be a handful of longer rides planned on various weekends. Includes Strength Training.


All Training Plans will be delivered via Training Peaks and written to accommodate both inside and outside riding where possible. Having a Heart Rate monitor is strongly encouraged.


It’s not too late to start. Your fellow riders have already begun but enrollment is open through April 15th

coach natalie raborn

Coach Natalie can get you closer to where you want to be for all your pursuits.  Looking for some direction throughout the year? Natalie can help.

Natalie lives in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado and works with clients locally and remotely all over the world. High Road Coaching was founded to fuel Natalie’s passion of helping people achieve their health, fitness and life goals. Learn more about Natalie

Discounts available for Team Evergreen members!  Contact Natalie at Natalie Raborn


Train with Team Evergreen!  We offer rides March through October, that progress in intensity and elevation as we approach the Triple in July.  All Triple riders are welcome to join!  Also, consider joining the largest and most charitable bike club in the state, Team Evergreen.

European training CAMP WITH COACH MOrgan

Join Triple Bypass Board member and professional cycling coach Morgan Murri in Italy for this incredible climbing camp and arrive at the Triple or Double Triple completely prepared.

Valle d’Aosta is spectacular with Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) as one of the many mountain backdrops framing this beautiful region.
The Piemonte Alps comprise the Cottian and Maritime Alps among others bordering Italy and France . This is a spectacular mountain region that includes climbs that have appeared in the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. The roads are quiet, the climbing is epic, the food and wine out of this world!

This all inclusive (excluding airfare) 8 night, 7 day trip covers your Colnago bike, all food, wine, lodging, ride guides, coaching and transportation.
$5,500 and space for just 5 riders so act fast!

Contact Morgan Murri with any questions and to reserve your spot!

Morgan Murri

Coach Morgan’s speciality is helping riders accomplish amazing achievements like the Double Triple Bypass.

Creating bespoke, completely customized training plans for busy individuals with full schedules and big dreams.

Using a seamless online training platform Morgan works with athletes virtually providing daily communication and feedback to ensure you are on track and ready for your big day!